“kroel-acoustic have the best sound headphones”

Kroel-acoustic is selling high-end in-ear or over-ear Headphone music solutions.

In kroel-acoustic you can find products from the good sounding but low cost Headphones to the most advanced and ultimate performing Headphones for both the professional and the enthusiastic segment. Kroel-acoustic is a specialized demo-center in the Copenhagen area where you can listen to the headphones before buy, as it is a web-shop where you can order your preferred headphones. You will also find some cheaper headphones in kroel-acoustic.

We do have different suppliers for the customized in-ear monitor (IEM) market as well, where we are addressing the professional as the enthusiastic market and where you can get IEM’s from around EUR 500 up to EUR 2.200, and in kroel-acoustic shop, you can listen to the IEM’s before buying.

In our shop, you can as well get some advice for how to protect your hearing when using audio or gaming headphones, since some many years’ experience from working with audio and hearing-instruments have given experiences for how to balance the good listening sound at the same time as taking care of your hearing.

The kroel-acoustic concept is “Try before Buy” so please visit our demo-center in the Greater part of Copenhagen for listening or testing our equipment. We do have more than 50 headphone listening stations . Alternatively, you can visit our Internet shop for products ordering and reading details about the products.

Acoustic Products


  • Acoustic Earphones
  • Acoustic Headphones

At kroel-acoustic you can listen to the earphones and headphones before you buy. When a customer after listening test have found the specific sound signature and price level, they want then they can decide to buy. Customers do not buy their sound ’blindfolded’ at kroel-acoustic.

We are selling both generic/universal fit in-ear monitors that can be used and fitted to everyone’s need and we are selling the more professional custom-fit earphones that are used by professional musicians or real audio freaks.

Kroel-acoustic possess many years’ experience from working with design, developing and selling the Balanced Armature speakers technology suited for professional on the stage earphones, a technology that also is being used for music enthusiasts.

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Gaming Equipment Products


  • Gaming Accessories
  • Gaming Headphones

Kroel-acoustic is one of the only place in Denmark where you can test in live environment the gaming accessory products before you buy. We have a set-up of real gaming platforms where you are welcome to visit our shop to test the gear that you might be interested in.

We have installed all the newest Gaming products to our PC-platforms, and the gaming products from SteelSeries are all ready for our customers to test. Kroel-acoustic do have gaming freaks just like yourselves to service and give good advice in case you need personnel support. .

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