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Canal Works

Canal Works

About Canal Works
Canal Works is having production and sales of audio equipment, including the business custom in-ear monitors.

The mission is to provide a tailor-made earphone for optimal music to fit your individual ear that will deliver an environment where you can enjoy the music at the best sound quality on the go.
By increasing the high sound insulation for your personal In-Ear-Monitor it will reduce the ambient noise. This will reduce the necessary sound pressure level for your music in the ear, which will prevent potential hearing loss. Canal Works will only promote healthy music listening products.

Management of attitude
Canal Works is manufacturing the best in-ear-monitor to your individual, with the aim of using market feedback for continuous improvement.
Our policy is always to think of improvements that gives priorities to every of our customer.

Code of conduct
We will work to continue develop new products and we are not satisfied with the status quo.
We will continue to improve the supply chain until you have received a satisfactory product.
We will strive to please all our customers as much as possible.