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Acoustic, Headphones ‘In-Ear’ and ‘Over-Ear’

Acoustic, Headphones ‘In-Ear’ and ‘Over-Ear’

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Press review in Lyd Og Billede the 31st October 2014

LydogBillede Hovedtelefoner 31 Okt 2014

Press review in HiFi4all 27th October 2014

HIFI4ALL Hovedtelefoner 27 Okt 2014

Invitation to headphone event the 13 November 2014

You are invited to the opening of a ‘one of a kind’ shop in Denmark specializing in headphones to in-ear or over-ear. The event takes place November 13 at 14:00 pm at the store at kroel-acoustic. kroel-acoustic will entertain with sandwiches and drinks. The concept kroel-acoustic is that everything can be tested in our more […]

A quiet opening is now a reality

October 13, 2014 An opening of the store is now a reality,¬†an official grand-opening ‘will have to wait until the beginning of November 2014

Shop is being more and more ready

October 6, 2014 Test stands are being installed, a work which I had wildly underestimated. About 500 solder joints were necessary to reach a final result, and since I am only an engineer and not professional soldering operator then it took much longer than I had dreamed of.

Shop is being made more ready

28 September 2014 Things are beginning to take shape, the floor was laid and the framework for testing and exhibition stands are made

Shop is being made ready

September 19th Work is starting up to make the store ready, and the craftsman is busy laying a wooden floor. As you can see then the premises had a very rustic look and tiled floors that did not fit completely into a headphone and PC gaming more relaxed environment. In addition, there is also a […]