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Universal and Custom fit

Universal and Custom fit

Universal Fit

  • This is in-earphones that fit every human ear and is build as a compromise between different ear-shapes.
  • Different size domes makes it possible to seal and fit the earphone to different size of ears
  • Universal fit earphones are an excellent compromise to the custom fit earphones.
  • Universal fit products are usually on stock and can be delivered from the shop or shipped to customer within 1 or 2 days.

Custom Fit

  • This is in-earphones that has been customized personally to individuals and also called in-ear monitors
  • An ear-print mold is taken and used as the basic for building or molding the earphone.
  • Custom fit earphones is the ultimate solution for getting the best and most comfortable fit in a way where all sound nuances can be presented.
  • Professional musicians and the very enthusiastic music enjoying are using custom fit earphones.
  • Custom fit products needs to be prepared and ear-prints made, a delivery time around 4-5 weeks is to be expected from when the ear-print has been taken and received by kroel-acoustic.