Kroel Acoustic Profile



The Profile of Kroel-acoustic is that we are the only specialized Headphone demo-center in the Copenhagen area in Denmark operated after the principles “Try-Before-Buy”, and where you can get into the demo-center to listen-feel and see the portable Headphones or PC-Gaming equipment before purchasing.

We do have more than 50 listening places for the Headphones where you can test all the products that we are marketing in the shop. Therefore, everything can be tested in real time environments with either the music that you prefer to listen to.

With the many years Headphone and in-ear Monitors experience we have in the shop at kroel-acoustic you can always get some advice for what kind of over-ear headphone or in-ear headphone that might fit the best for you. As well, we are marketing products in different price segments from the more price friendly segment as Sport Headphones, In-Ear Headphones, and Noise cancelling Headphones to the ultimate best quality Headphones and custom made In-Ear Monitors for professional musicians or their Technicians.

Furthermore, we are the only business in Denmark where professionals can come and listen to different customer made in-ear monitors as well as test various cable configurations before any purchase. Our Japanese suppliers have made ​​in-ear Monitor products available for listening tests and build them with a generic ear-fitting so it is possible to get an idea of the different ‘sound signatures‘ that can be offered to a custom In-ear Monitor solution . Here you do not buy a pig in a poke.

In kroel-acoustic we are only selling well respected products from companies with a very high quality of sound and durability as we only sell products from companies using non compromising ethics when it comes to use of children labor and use of prohibited substances in their production.

Come into the demo-center, listen to our various products, and get a good sound experience. If you do not have the chance to visit our demo-center, then please contact us on our web site from where you can ask questions or order your products directly.

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