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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions

Trade conditions for ‘kroel-acoustic’
In according to international law the customers must know the trade conditions before internet shopping in ‘kroel-acoustic’. Therefor we are asking you to confirm that you are in agreement with our general conditions before order placement in our shop. If you do not accept our general conditions we will in accordance with the rules of law not accept your order via the Internet. Instead you can visit our shop or contact us by telephone. The conditions under which you will be asked to accept is reproduced word for word in the text below. So that can you read our conditions before you place an order.

If something in the conditions is unclear then you are always welcome to contact us. You can send an email to, or call +45 2750 5038.

Privacy Policy

No personal information recorded by ‘kroel-acoustic’ will at any time assigned be sold or made available to third parties. All information is stored safely and are only available to trusted employees with ‘kroel-acoustic’.

In connection with any electronic payment a secure encrypted method through the Webshop system is used. We are using an approved provider with approval from the E-mark.

The shop system is using cookies to control the content in the shopping cart. A cookie is just the name of a file that is stored on your own PC. In addition it is possible to ask the system to save your own address info for next visit. Would you at a later time delete this information then can it be done through your browser. Using Internet Explorer it is done via the menu “Tools” and the menu option “Internet Options”.

During a purchase we will ask you for your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information is used only to process the order. The information is transmitted and stored electronically in encrypted form, and stored for 5 years. The “contract” is not stored at ‘kroel-acoustic’ in such a way so that you later can log you in and see/change the status.

In addition we record the IP-address from which purchase is made. The information is normally not used, but can in special situations be used in a police investigation. All false/fake orders will be reported to the police!

Optionally you can have your e-mail address recorded on a mailing list of ‘kroel-acoustic’, so that you can receive news and other information from ‘kroel-acoustic’. This service can at any time be activated or non-activated as you want.

Refer to the law regards privacy you are entitled to ask for your personnal information registered by ‘kroel-acoustic’ and you can ask to have them deleted in case of your desire. ‘


All agreements on are concluded in Danish and English, and all prices in ‘kroel-acoustics’ demo-center are included 25% vat.

In the order confirmations and invoices VAT and shipping costs is detailed.

Shipping Costs

All prices in ‘kroel-acoustics’ shop are given exclusive shipping costs. Shipping costs will be imposed on each order, and is calculated on the basis of weight of the consignment. The rates are usually in according to PostDanmarks rates.

Special deliveries can trigger a fee to cover our actual costs. This will be informed in advance.
Any additional delivery costs to countries outside the EU will be charged the customer.

Order Confirmation

Once you have placed your order we will send an order confirmation by e-mail with information about the ordered and the price including shipping costs. We kindly ask you to check that the order confirmation is similar to what you expect.

It is not possible to check your order confirmation on our website. If you would like to receive a copy of the order confirmation by e-mail, so please send an email to


Trade in ‘kroel-acoustics’ shop is based on payment when the part is shipped. Payment normally occurs with Dankort, Visa card, Visa electron or Master Card. For payment with credit card a fee is charged corresponding to what we have to pay for the payment service (PBS). Typical 1.25% – 5.25 %.
Payment by Dankort and Visa/Dankort is free of charge.

Payment by credit/debit cards are always protected against abuse. You have the possibility to refuse a payment when you receive your payment history. You have no own risk in the event if your credit/debit card is abused in an internet-store which uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in its payment system. Therefore you are better protected than in the physical world where you have a lower threshold of 1200 DKK when your dankort is being abused by the use of pin-code.

When paying by Dankort or Credit card the withdraw on your account will happen after that the goods have left ‘kroel-acoustic’, and it is not possible to withdraw a larger amount than what you have approved at the time of purchase.

Your card details will be encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol, and unauthorized persons cannot read your card number or other information during the transaction with PBS. ‘Kroel-acoustic’ does not have access to your credit card information.

VAT registered enterprises and public institutions may with the prior agreement obtain credit agreement. Please contact us by telephone or e-mail if credit agreement is desired.

Bank information:
Danske Bank
Reg: 3409
Account: 11480772


If the product ordered is in our stock then all orders placed before 1 p.m. during normal business hours would normally be shipped same day. General delivery is 1 or 2 days after order placement. In the case of parts which are not on stock or contrary to expectation should be sold out then an updated delivery information is send by e-mail.

In the case of obsolete products from the supplier then ‘kroel-acoustic’ reserves the right to cancel the order.

Partial Delivery

If your order consists of several products we will normally send you the consolidated order. If one of the products ordered cannot be sent within our normal delivery schedule then we will contact you to make arrangements for new a new delivery schedule. For reasons of cost we cannot offer to pay for partial delivery in all cases, but we will endeavor to find a solution that is satisfactory to both parties.


If an order may not be dispatched within the agreed delivery schedule then we will contact you to inform you of possible new delivery time. Would you then like to cancel the order then we are just sorry for the inconvenience and that we have not been able to meet our agreed delivery schedule.

Change Orders

If you want to change an order before it is shipped from our warehouse, you can send the e-mail with our order confirmation back to us with the text CHANGE in the subject line. Then please inform about the the changes you will like to have made.

For the sake of the safety of trade with credit cards on the Internet we do not have the ability to raise larger amounts on your credit card than you have approved by the original order. We have the opportunity to withdraw a small amount of money. If you are making changes to your order that makes the order amount greater than the original order was for, it may be necessary to ask you for a new approval. If this is the case we will contact you.

Product Delivery

We always delivers new products packed in the original packaging if any and it is including the accessories as the producer normally includes with its product unless otherwise agreed.

All the product is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty or protect. If the manufacturer offers a warranty or guarantee that is better than prescribed in these general conditions then you get both manufacturer’s warranty and the statutory warranty combined in the way that makes you best.

You have always the General Conditions as your gurantee when you do business with ‘kroel-acoustic’. If a product is granted a guarantee which is in addition to the General Conditions then it will be mentioned in the description of each product and the extended warranty will be applied to the invoice.

In the case of supply shortage

If you notice a lack of a product in your shipment then you have to inform as soon as possible after the receipt, and within a reasonable time after you have discovered the missing effects.

Warranty Claim

In accordance with provisions of law in Denmark then ‘kroel-acoustic’ is offering 24 months warranty for your purchase, and 12 month warranty by parties who are not consumers (sales to companies).

If a product is broken during the warranty claim period then the manufacturer’s is in their right to determine whether a fault should be corrected by ‘kroel-acoustic’, by the producer or by his partner. The fact that the manufacturer agrees to receive the product under warranty does not imply an acceptance of the fact that there are errors or omissions in the product.

Excluded from any warranty claims are errors or damage to the product caused by modifications, installation, handling, loading or operating error. Claim of error and things missing, which should be detected by usual examination of the goods, shall be communicated to ‘kroel-acoustic’ within reasonable time. The product can then be returned for repair, replacement or by agreement any credit.

Handling of warranty claim

If you wish to complain about a product then you have to contact us as soon as possible by e-mail, phone, or at our shop address. Normally the manufacturer is requesting a fault report which describes what is being claimed.

The Provisions of law in Denmark provide a possible error in the first six (6) months after the delivery is considered to be present at the delivery. As a representative of the manufacturer warrants ‘kroel-acoustic’ to repair the problem, or that depending on the type of product and costs is made replacement, which, however, requires that the claim is justified, and that replacement does not result in undue costs to the business.

In the warranty claim period beyond the six (6) months and up to a total 24 months the customer have to convince or prove that the fault was present at the time of delivery. When returning the part it must be securely packaged for transport and all the product related parts must be attached to it. Remember to apply sender name and address on the package, and be sure to get a shipping receipt from your courrier.

The normal processing time for a claim is less than 3 working weeks, but since any repairs are usually carried out by the manufacturer we cannot give any guarantees on this.

Kroel-acoustic cannot be responsible for loss of data or other caused by repair or replacement of products under warranty.

When an error is detected or shipment missing then please contact:

Firkloevervej 1
2680 Solroed Strand
Phone 2750 5038

Returned products is also to this address – please note that we do not receive packets sent as to be paid on delivery. Return to sender can also be achieved by refusing to receive the shipment or deliver the product personally to us in our shop. This is not a requirement but the expedition will be improved if appropriate information follows the package – for example copy of order confirmation, registration number, and account number for bank account for which reimbursement may be carried out, a copy of any prior correspondence with further.

Right to cancelling

In according to the Provisions of law in Denmark (Law on distance selling) you as a consumer is entitled to roll back a purchase for up to 14 days after you have received the part.

You can undo a purchase by either to refuse to accept the goods or by transferring the part for the post office or to return the part to our address:

Firkloevervej 1
2680 Solroed Strand

Always make sure to have a receipt from the delivery of goods returned to the post office.

Information on the bank account to the credited amount to be transferred must be sent separately. The easiest is to respond to the e-mail you received with our order confirmation. Remember to indicate exact name, address, registration number, and account number.

The product you are returning is credited when we have received it, and the amount shall be transferred to the informed account approximately after about 3 working days. The prerequisite for you can return the product for full credit is that the part is returned in same condition as the product was received, and that the value is not significantly impaired. This means in practice that it should be possible for us to sell the product at the same price as you paid for it the costs of product returning you have to pay.

Please note: If you are using some taping of the packaging or are using stickers then it reduces the value of the product. Please handle the products as if it was your own – also when you wish to return them.

If a product is returned in a condition so that it is not possible to sell the product again without providing a discount then ‘kroel-acoustic’ have the right to establish a compensation for depreciation equal to the estimated losses for possible resale. Examples of such situations could be if the packaging is damaged or missing or if there is no accessory that was originally delivered with the product.

Subject to reservation

Kroel-acoustic seeks always to deliver the ordered goods as announced in our demo-center, but we must recognize that from time to time some parts are in backorder and we therefore cannot always live up to our own delivery goal.