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Different Headphone

Different Headphone

Different Headphone types


  • They are placed inside the ear in the ear-canal and are specially constructed to accommodate the inner ear resonance frequency, and a tight ear-sealing is needed not to loosing to much low frequency.
  • The best sound quality for this type of earphones is normally obtained by using Balanced Armature speakers, even Moving Coil speakers also gives very good sound quality.
  • It is not recommendable to use in-earphones in the traffic due to its sealing that attenuate the environment noise about 25 dB.


  • They are placed outside the inner ear and is normally using as normal loudspeakers playing sound into the ear


  • They are placed over the ears and the construction is isolated ear cups with a larger size moving coil speaker that plays the sound into the ear.
  • Very good sound quality is possible due to the use of large speakers that gives a very good dynamic feeling about the sound.